E-monitoring now available for all Commonwealth fisheries

AFMA’s Fisheries Legislation has been amended to further support the implementation of electronic monitoring (e-monitoring) in Commonwealth fisheries. These changes will come into force on 28 April 2013.

E-monitoring can include cameras, global positioning systems and sensors and can generate a range of visual and nonvisual information for monitoring fishing and related activities.

E-monitoring will enhance AFMA’s ability to manage Commonwealth fisheries as it provides AFMA with accurate, comprehensive and timely data on the state of fish stocks and on the impacts of fishing on both fish stocks and the marine environment. It is also a cost effective alternative to using observers for industry and will complement the information AFMA receives from observers, vessel-monitoring systems and logbook reporting.

A number of provisions have also been introduced to deter fishers from hindering the operation of e-monitoring equipment, or to modify, damage, or destroy e-monitoring data.

The changes to the legislation will increase the effectiveness of AFMA’s enforcement powers by providing a higher level of at-sea monitoring. This will provide greater certainty for fishers and the community that Australia’s fisheries are well managed and will continue to be sustainable in the future.

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