Organisational structure

CEO – Dr. James Findlay

AFMA Commission
Fisheries Operations
General Manager -
Peter Venslovas
Fisheries Management
Executive Manager -
Dr. Nick Rayns
Corporate Services
General Manager -
Peter Tegart
National Compliance Strategy
- Tod Spencer

Compliance Operations (Darwin)
- John Davis

Foreign Compliance Policy
- Kerry Smith

Compliance Operations (Canberra)
- John Andersen

Northern Fisheries and Co-Management
- Steve Bolton

Demersal and Midwater Fisheries
- George Day

Tuna and International Fisheries
- Trent Timmiss

Environment, Policy, Economics and Research
- Beth Gibson

Service One
- Jeremy Richter

Executive Secretariat and Communications
- Ryan Murphy

- Tanya Howitt

Legal Services
- Paul Halliday

Human Resources
- Libby Jenkins

Corporate Support
- Graham Hill

IT Support and Operations
- Scott Connors

Applications and Technical Services
- John Kozman