NOTE: The time to provide comment has now closed.

AFMA is seeking written comments on the draft 2016 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) by 29 January 2016.  The draft 2016 CRIS is scheduled to replace the existing 2010 CRIS from 1 July 2016 following Ministerial approval. AFMA’s CRIS is used to determine how it recovers costs from the fishing industry.

The draft 2016 CRIS is AFMA’s initial application of the government’s cost recovery framework. It is not final and AFMA is seeking feedback from all Commonwealth fishery stakeholders, including considering options that may address stakeholder concerns where they are consistent with the government’s cost recovery framework. Please note that feedback and options may have benefits and costs for various AFMA-managed fisheries and AFMA will need to weigh these up when making any changes to the draft 2016 CRIS.

When comparing cost-recovered budgets for the 2015/16 year using both the 2010 CRIS and the draft 2016 CRIS, an additional $1.325 million would have been cost-recovered from the fishing industry. This increase is reflective of government policy where those generating the costs or using services, pay for those services. Specific details on the cost changes by activity group and fishery are included in the comparison explanation.

The draft 2016 CRIS is for comment and should be used as comparison against the 2015/16 budget. However, it is possible that there will be changes in activities in future years. These changes will be part of the normal budget process which commences at the end of first quarter of 2016.

AFMA has made available as part of the consultation package:

AFMA has established a contact line for information about the CRIS that can be accessed by calling 02 6225 5555 and asking for the CRIS help line.

If you need further information or wish to speak to AFMA about any specific issue about the CRIS, please contact Vyt Vilkaitis on 02 6225 5425 or at . Please provide your feedback by 15 January 2016.