Concession holders wishing to use electronic logbooks must:

Register with AFMA

  1. Register with AFMA to use GoFish, specifying you want to use e-logs.
  2. Email with the name of the:
    • concession holder (as it appears on the fishing concessions)
    • person who will be submitting e-logs (agent)
    • boat
    • fishery
    • fishing method/s.

Once registered, you will be issued with a User ID, Vessel ID and password for yourself and for your agent.

Download a copy of our Guide for new e-log users (PDF, 197 KB).

Buy, install and maintain certified e-log software

The e-log software must be certified by AFMA for the fishery and fishing method.

You are responsible for maintaining and keeping the software up to date.

If AFMA’s certification of the software were to expire, it is the your responsibility to either replace or upgrade the software with another certified e-log product, or use an appropriate paper-based logbook alternative. AFMA will notify concession holders and management advisory committees of any changes to certification expiry dates.

Electronic logbook software accepted by AFMA.

Submit e-log data AND paper log data

  1. New e-log users need to submit both e-log and paper logbook records until they receive written approval from AFMA. You and your agent can submit the logbook data.
  2. Paper logbook records must be clearly marked as a duplicate of the e-log record.
  3. Once AFMA has confirmation the e-logs records are being received we will notify you to advise duplicate paper logbook records are no longer required.
  4. You must record your fishing data at the end of each shot.
  5. The data should be saved and sent to AFMA as soon as possible in accordance with AFMA’s logbook requirements.

Submit e-log data only

Once you have written approval from AFMA, you can submit e-log data and not paper logbooks. But, you still need to keep paper logbooks onboard your boats as a backup.

AFMA compliance officers may board the boat to review logbook data.

Instructions for completing e-logs

If you have problems using either service call 02 6225 5542 or email