Call for comment – Independent Allocation Advisory Panel’s draft report to AFMA on allocation of Quota SFRs in the Northern Prawn Fishery

17 May 2010

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has approved the release of Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF) Independent Allocation Advisory Panel’s (IAAP) draft report for public comment.

The public comment period will run from Monday 17 May until COB Friday 28 May 2010. The Panel welcomes written submissions from interested parties. Submissions should be provided and these can be made to:

The NPF IAAP Secretary
27 Saltair Street
Kings Beach
Queensland 4551

or by email to

Please find below a copy of the draft report and letter sent to all NPF SFR holders, the NPF Industry Pty Ltd, the Northern Prawn Fishery Management Advisory Committee (NORMAC) and the Northern Prawn Resource Assessment Group (NPRAG).

The Panel will consider all written submissions in finalising its advice to AFMA. The Panel would prefer all written submissions to be publicly available. However requests from stakeholders to treat all or part of their submission “in confidence” will be considered by the Panel. In general the part of a submission relating to a person’s views on a particular allocation issue must be publicly available but personal financial circumstances of a person or enterprise provided in support of those views are usually accepted as “in confidence”.

If have any questions please contact Panel Secretary Anthony de Fries on 07 5499 6822, mobile 0412 918 641 or by email at

Title Size
Letter to stakeholders, 14 May 2010 64kb
Draft IAAP Report 712kb