Gillnet Hook and Trap fishing for the future – have your say!

Have your say on the future of fishing arrangements in the Gillnet Hook and Trap (GHAT) sector of the Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery.

Recognising that management changes in the GHAT over the last two years have significantly impacted how fishers operate in the fishery and created a high level of uncertainty around the future operating environment of the fishery, AFMA began the GHAT Future Directions project.

The Future Directions Working Group was formed as part of the project and includes industry members from the Shark Gillnet, Shark Hook and Scalefish Hook sectors of the GHAT, AFMA members and an independent Chair.

Read the minutes from the working groups meetings.

The objective of the GHAT Future Directions Project is to review and rationalise management arrangements in the GHAT to ensure they pursue AFMA’s objectives.

The desired outcome from the project is an ecologically sustainable and efficient future for commercial fishing in the GHAT.

Recommendations on the future direction of the GHAT have been provided by the Future Directions Working Group and are summarised in the GHAT Future Directions Public Consultation Paper.

AFMA are asking for your comments on the recommendations.

The commenting period closes on 15 November 2013, any submissions received after this date will not be considered.

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GHAT Future Directions Working Group
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For further information relating to the GHAT Future Directions Project please contact David Power, GHAT Fishery Manager on or 02 6225 5475.