Reporting SFR trading price information is now mandatory

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is reminding concession holders that they are now required to report the prices of all leased or transferred quota and gear Statutory Fishing Rights (SFRs) on transfer forms either electronically via GoFish or manually on the paper form.

This information, in combination with other pricing and fishery information, will assist AFMA in pursuing its objective of maximising the net economic returns for the Australian community from the management of Australian (Commonwealth) fisheries.

AFMA takes client’s privacy seriously. AFMA’s information disclosure policy guides how AFMA discloses information consistent with legal requirements. AFMA will not publish SFR price data prior to 1 July 2019. Following this date, if data is published it will be in aggregated form.

For more information on reporting prices on leased or transferred quota and gear SFRs including GoFish video tutorials visit