AFMA establishes research priorities for Commonwealth fisheries and arranges for research to be undertaken to address these priorities.

AFMA Resource Assessment Groups (RAGs) and Management Advisory Committees (MACs) play a crucial role in identifying research needs, assessing research proposals and the outcomes of research, both essential stock assessment type research and other relevant management related projects.

The AFMA Research Committee (ARC) takes a leading role in determining research priorities and projects for funding by AFMA in accordance with the ARC’s annual research cycle.

The ARC also recommends research priorities for potential Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) funding for consideration by the Commonwealth Research Advisory Committee (ComRAC). The ComRAC process is managed by the FRDC.

Strategic Research Plan

Our draft Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021 describes the way in which AFMA will support the management and development of Commonwealth fisheries resources through research during the next five years. AFMA is currently seeking comments on the draft Plan.

AFMA is currently seeking comments on the draft Plan.

Our partnership approach

Cooperation with the research community, industry, government agencies and others with an interest in the sustainable management of the Commonwealth fisheries resources forms a crucial part of our approach to research.

This approach to research involves close consultation with managers, fishers, researchers and others. It provides opportunities for stakeholders to have input into the research priority-setting process through the Management Advisory Committees (MACs) for each major AFMA-managed fishery.

MACs rely on advice from their resource assessment groups to identify the key research needs for the fishery on an annual basis. This involves reviewing their five-year strategic research plans and identifying their needs in an annual research statement.

Fishery 5 year research plans