Levies still due while disallowance motion considered

A motion has been raised in the upper and lower house to disallow the 2011-12 fishing levy regulations. If successful, this motion would mean that AFMA would have no basis to collect any levies this year and any levy payments already received would have to be refunded.

Until the motion is resolved the levy regulations are in force and levies are due and payable.

The last day for the motion to be considered is 20 June but AFMA hopes that the motion will be resolved before then.

For any businesses that are having difficulty paying their levy AFMA offers special consideration based on individual circumstances. Please see AFMA’s Levy Guide for more information.

For any queries about levy payments please contact Andrew Powell on 02 6225 5561 or andrew.powell@afma.gov.au. For all other queries please contact Malcolm Southwell on 02 6225 5308 or malcolm.southwell@afma.gov.au.