Small Pelagic Fishery Stakeholder Forum – 28 January 2016

AFMA is holding a Stakeholder Forum in Hobart on 28 January 2016. The forum is part of a new process the independent AFMA Commission is trialling for seeking scientific and economic advice with respect to the Small Pelagic Fishery (SPF).

The main function of Stakeholder Forums is to provide interested stakeholders with the opportunity to consider and discuss advice provided by the SPF Scientific Panel. The South East Management Advisory Committee will continue to provide advice SPF management issues. Additional information regarding the role of and requirements for Stakeholder Forums can be found in the AFMA paper Acquiring scientific advice by the use of a Scientific Panel and Stakeholder Forums in the Small Pelagic Fishery.

Attendance at the Stakeholder Forum is by invitation only. To be considered for an invitation, you must register your interest by emailing your name, email address, phone number and organisation or affiliation to by 14 January 2016. Please note that registration does not guarantee an invitation.

Recordings (audio and/or video) of the Forum will be made only by AFMA for the purposes of producing transcripts of the Forum. These will be retained by AFMA and made available to the Commission. Attendees at the Forum will be taken to have given consent to the recording of their participation, for that purpose, or for any other lawful purpose.

Travel costs and expenses associated with attending the forum will be the responsibility of attendees.

Please note that AFMA offices will be closed from 25 December 2015 until 4 January 2016. After the Christmas period, if you would like further information on the Stakeholder Forum please contact Danait Ghebrezgabhier, Fisheries Management Officer, on (02) 6225 5472 or via the email address above.