Appendix 8: Consultancy services

Selection and engagement of consultants

The majority of the consultancy services engaged during 2010–11 were for fisheries research purposes. The selection and engagement of research consultants was primarily select tender process or direct sourcing. In direct source or select tender processes for research services, AFMA selected service providers with specialist areas of expertise or prior experience.

During the year we entered into 28 consultancy contracts valued at $3.3m million where specialised or professional skills were not available internally or where we identified a need for independent research or assessment.

Consultancy services let during 2010–11 of $10,000 or more

Consultant Name Description Contract Price ($) Selection Process (1) Justification (2)
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Research impacts on Gulper Sharks in fishery 121,880.00 Direct A
Shellack Pty Ltd Review and preparation of report on AFMA fisheries arrangements 14,300.00 Direct A
Michael Henry Barrister Provision of legal advice under Fisheries Management Act 1991 14,406.78 Direct B
A J Dever Pty Ltd Provision of legal advice regarding statutory fishing rights 11,389.83 Direct B
Oakton Services Pty Ltd Risk assessment and plan for email and blackberry systems 13,200.00 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Fishery stock assessment and total allowable catch estimation 288,646.60 Direct A
Sinclair Knight Merz Spatial advice and services for Northern Prawn Fishery 48,400.00 Direct A
Oakton Services Pty Ltd Business analyst for review of field operations 64,350.00 Direct A
iCognition Pty Ltd Electronic document records management scoping study 51,188.23 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Stock assessment for fishery 725,815.20 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Northern Prawn Fishery monitoring program 204,273.30 Direct A
Fishwell Consulting Pty Ltd Review of fisheries harvest strategies 22,000.00 Direct A
Centre For Public Management Pty Ltd Manager feedback, analysis and report 40,567.00 Select A
Oakton Services Pty Ltd Undertake gap analysis of network 45,210.00 Direct A
Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd Undertake network assessment 12,100.00 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Assess stock recovery of Sandfish in Torres Strait 82,307.50 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Assess benefits and protocol for Reef Gardens in Torres Strait 45,829.30 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Integrated fishery monitoring program 292,466.90 Direct A
Oakton Services Pty Ltd Security assessment for software system 37,620.00 Direct A
IPP Consulting
Pty Ltd
Development of
security plan
10,120.00 Direct A
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Aerial survey of the Great Australian Bight Fishery 299,810.50 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries resource assessment group fishery assessments 198,192.50 Direct A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Stock assessment and management strategy for fishery 183,319.40 Direct A
University of Western Australia Trial of stereo video equipment for fishery 164,600.10 Open A
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Ecological risk assessment for fisheries 33,000.00 Direct A
Paxus Australia
Pty Ltd
Engagement of business analyst contractor 49,500.00 Direct A
Commonwealth Fisheries Association liaison assistance for fisheries industry body 33,000.00 Direct B
CSIRO Division of Fisheries Archiving of hardparts for age and length research in fishery 234,490.30 Direct A
TOTAL   $3,341,983.44    

1) Explanation of selection process terms drawn from the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (January 2005):

Open Tender: A procurement procedure in which a request for tender is published inviting all businesses that satisfy the conditions for participation to submit tenders. Public tenders are sought from the marketplace using national and major metropolitan newspaper advertising and the Australian Government AusTender internet site

Select Tender: A procurement procedure in which the procuring agency selects which potential suppliers are invited to submit tenders. Tenders are invited from a short list of competent suppliers

Direct Sourcing: A form of restricted tendering, available only under certain defined circumstances, with a single potential supplier or suppliers being invited to bid because of their unique expertise and/or their special ability to supply the goods and/or services sought

Panel: An arrangement under which a number of suppliers, usually selected through a single procurement process, may each supply property or services to an agency as specified in the panel arrangements
Tenders are sought from suppliers that have pre-qualified on the agency panels to supply to the government. This category includes standing offers and supplier panels where the consultant offers to supply goods and services for a pre-determined length of time, usually at a pre-arranged price

2) Justification for decision to use consultancy:

A – skills currently unavailable within agency

B – need for specialised or professional skills

C – need for independent research or assessment

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