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Managing concessions online with GOFish

Ms Barbara Bell from Austral Fisheries Pty Ltd in Perth has been managing the company’s fishing concessions and doing business with AFMA using the GOFish e-licensing portal since the launch of the system in September 2009.

“GOFish lets us transfer fishing concessions and quota online. We can see our catch reports, quota balance and transaction records and make changes very easily. We can even apply for a scientific or fish receiver permit if we need to.” said Ms Bell

Ms Bell was one of 14 industry representatives AFMA consulted with on the design and usability of the GOFish portal during its initial development. Ms Bell conducted testing of the facility from her office. “It’s great that AFMA involved users like myself in the development of GOFish. The result is a very user-friendly system that saves heaps of time and paperwork” said Ms Bell

AFMA is continually working to improve the GOFish portal. Each improvement aims to improve usability and reduce licensing costs, with the savings being passed on to concession holders through reductions in annual levies.

“AFMA does regular scheduled maintenance, which means that upgrades and improvements can be done in a timely manner. If I ever have any suggestions or requests for the site to be amended or improved in any way, AFMA considers these without delay and consults with other stakeholders. Then if everyone thinks they’re good ideas they’re implemented as soon as possible” said Ms Bell.

The changes requested from industry included providing access to AFMA’s other online services such as Quotaboard, a site where fishers can buy and sell quota between themselves.

Doing business with AFMA online using GOFish has saved Barbara Bell time and paperwork.

Doing business with AFMA online using GOFish has saved Barbara Bell time and paperwork.
Photo courtesy of Austral Fisheries Pty Ltd.