Report Against Intended Actions

Goal: Complete the implementation of the Australian Government’s policy preference for management by output controls in the form of individual transferable quota

Strategy: Introduce individual transferable quota management into the northern prawn and eastern tuna fisheries

Intended actions in 2010–11 Achieved
( tick / cross)
Determine the amended Northern Prawn Fishery Management Plan introducing individual transferable quota cross The move to individual transferable quota in the Northern Prawn Fishery has been delayed. This is because a method to set a total allowable catch for common banana prawns is still being developed. The revised timeframe for implementation is mid-2012
Determine the amended Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery Management Plan introducing Individual transferable quota tick A new Eastern Tuna And Billfish Fishery Management Plan was determined on 20 December 2010 which implemented individual transferable quota for the five key species. The new management plan was fully implemented on 1 March 2011
Continue to implement supporting technology for individual transferable quota management in the two fisheries tick AFMA’s electronic licensing system GOFish was modified to include quota management in the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery