Major species:

Inshore fishery
• Red Throat Emperor

Offshore Demersal Finfish Fishery
• n/a

Estimated catch 2010-11:
No commercial catch. Recreational and charter fishing only.

Gross value of production 2010-11:


Inshore fishery:

The Norfolk Island Inshore Fishery is a recreational and charter based fishery operating predominantly in shelf waters around Norfolk Island using handlines, winches, rods and reels. The fishery is managed by the Norfolk Island Government in accordance with the Norfolk Island Inshore Fishery Policy 2009 developed by the Norfolk Island Government, with input from AFMA and other Australian Government agencies. The associated memorandum of understanding has enabled AFMA to provide management expertise and guidance to the Norfolk Island Government and the Norfolk Island Fishing Association in implementing appropriate management arrangements and assisting with the collection and analysis of fisheries catch data.

To meet the intent of the Norfolk Island Inshore Fishery Management Policy, the Norfolk Island Government is developing its own legislation to regulate boat safety, registration and data gathering. The Norfolk Island Government will continue this work in 2012-13 in consultation with Australian Government agencies.

AFMA also agreed to explore the development of a small scale commercial fishery in the area of the inshore fishery following the AFMA Commission’s in-principle agreement to the proposal in 2010. The scale and nature of the fishery are still under consideration with AFMA participating in a whole of government process exploring the matter. In 2012-13 AFMA will continue to explore opportunities for a commercial fishery in consultation with the Norfolk Island Government. Any management arrangements developed will need to consider the financial and legislative reforms being applied on Norfolk Island by the Australian Government.

Offshore Demersal Finfish Fishery:

The fishery is currently closed. In February 2008 the then AFMA Board determined that a management plan was not warranted for the fishery at the time. A strategic approach to managing all small, developing and exploratory Commonwealth fisheries, including this fishery, is underway.


Not applicable.