Feature Story


Please like me! Six months on social media.

In December 2016, AFMA dared to go where it hadn’t ventured before. Into that unknown, previously unexplored galaxy of…. (insert Star Wars music) social media… (Check out our Star Wars inspired ‘May the Fourth be with you’ post on 4 May!)

That’s right on 5 December 2016, AFMA established its first social media presence with the introduction of a Facebook account.

The growth of the page has been steady since its introduction. As at 30 June 2017, the page had just over 1000 followers.

Increased stakeholder engagement was one of the main drivers for AFMA’s social media presence. In the past six months, posts have been made about public comment periods, illegal fishing apprehensions, and general ‘did you know?’ about Commonwealth fisheries and their management (and even the occasional 90s pop culture reference inspired by our 25th birthday celebrations this year!).

The tool is also being used to communicate that the reason Australians have a sustainable supply of local, Australian seafood is thanks to the strict and science based management of Commonwealth fisheries. Each Friday, this is celebrated with ‘Fish Friday’, whereby a recipe ‘starring’ one of the many Commonwealth species is featured.

In 2017–18 AFMA will look at additional social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to help provide information to stakeholders.

Find us at facebook.com/AustralianFisheriesManagementAuthority/ or