Where possible we encourage stakeholders to utilise digital channels of communications with AFMA, particularly for our licensing and logbook transactions. AFMA’s online services GOFish and  e-Logs are almost instantaneous and more cost effective than manual transactions.

Service delivery What you can expect from us
All clients
General correspondence and inquiries: • We aim to give you a response within 10 business days of receipt in AFMA. The exact timing and content of our response will depend on each case and the complexity of the request.
• If your inquiry is likely to take longer to deal with we will contact you within the 10 day time-frame to advise you of progress and the reasons for the delay.
Industry Clients
Processing Commonwealth licensing and entitlements transactions: • We will process routine applications for leases, transfers and other dealings affecting fishing concessions within five business days of receipt. This is subject to being supplied with everything we need to complete the transaction.
• Where applications are more complex, we will write back within five business days to confirm receipt of the application and to advise an expected response date. We will maintain contact and continue to advise you of the status of the application.
In collecting and disseminating catch, effort and other information through our logbook, observer and e-monitoring programs: • We will send new logbooks within five business days of receiving a request to do so.
• We will protect the confidentiality of information recorded and not disclose that information unless authorised, or required to do so by law.
When providing professional Observer services to domestic fishing vessels operating within the AFZ and subject to arrangements for the nature of the observer's functions being satisfactorily addressed beforehand: • We will provide trained, competent observers for vessels in domestic ports within 72 hours of a request to do so and within 21 business days of requests for vessels intending to land product in foreign ports.