Your rights

As a client of AFMA, you are entitled to:

  • equitable access to our services
  • have your privacy respected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988
  • access information that we hold about you under the Freedom of Information Act 1982
  • bring any deficiencies in AFMA’s administration to the attention of the Commonwealth Ombudsman
  • have certain fisheries management decisions reviewed – most of our fisheries management decisions have statutory rights of review under the Fisheries Management Act 1991.

Your responsibilities

You can help us to help you by:

  • providing your queries to us clearly in writing
  • giving us accurate information within a reasonable timeframe
  • ensuring that forms and documents are completed clearly, fully and in required detail
  • giving us advance notice of any request for information or assistance so that we can plan to meet your request on time
  • treating our staff courteously.