The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act) came into effect on 15 January 2014. The Act creates a public interest disclosure scheme that promotes integrity and accountability in the Australian public sector. The public interest disclosure scheme extends beyond the Australian Public Service to a range of Commonwealth entities, including Commonwealth companies and authorities, and contracted service providers. Only public officials, or persons deemed to be public officials, can make a Public Interest Disclosure. The Act promotes accountability and integrity in the Australian Public Service by encouraging the disclosure of information about suspected wrongdoing, supporting and protecting disclosers from adverse consequences and ensuring that public interest disclosures are properly investigated and dealt with.

What is a Public Interest Disclosure?

A Public Interest Disclosure is a disclosure of information that is a disclosure:

  • concerning suspected or probable illegal conduct or other wrongdoing (referred to as “disclosable conduct”)
  • concerning a previous “internal disclosure” of the information that has not been adequately dealt with, and if wider disclosure satisfies public interest requirements
  • concerning a substantial and imminent danger to health or safety
  • to an Australian legal practitioner for purposes connected with the above matters.

Who is a public official?

A public official includes:

  • public servants
  • former public servants
  • contractors under an Australian Government contract
  • service providers under an Australian Government contract.

Information for making a Public Interest Disclosure

If you meet the definition of a public official under the PID Act and wish to make a Public Interest Disclosure, you can submit it by: Email: PID [at] Post:  Private & Confidential The AFMA Authorised Officer (Public Interest Disclosure) Australian Fisheries Management Authority Box 7051 Canberra Business Centre  ACT  2610.

The information disclosed should be sufficiently detailed to enable an AFMA Authorised Officer to make an assessment of whether it is a Public Interest Disclosure.

Services to assist you to make a disclosure

Language other than English

The Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) can help. Call them on 131 450.

If you are deaf, hearing or sight impaired

You can contact us via the National Relay Service.

  • Teletypewriter (TTY) users phone 133 677 and then ask for 1300 723 621.
  • Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 and then ask for 1300 723 621.
  • Internet Relay users connect to the National Relay Service and then ask for 1300 723 621.

More information

More information on the operation of PID Act can be found within: