Attachment A – AFMA’s legislative objectives

AFMA’s objectives are listed in the Fisheries Administration Act 1991 and the Fisheries Management Act 1991 which cover all AFMA’s operations.

In the performance of its functions, AFMA must pursue the objectives of:

  1. implementing efficient and cost-effective fisheries management on behalf of the Commonwealth
  2. ensuring that the exploitation of fisheries resources and the carrying on of any related activities are conducted in a manner consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development and the exercise of the precautionary principle, in particular the need to have regard to the impact of fishing activities on non-target species and the long-term sustainability of the marine environment
  3. maximising economic efficiency in the exploitation of fisheries resources
  4. ensuring accountability to the fishing industry and the Australian community in the Authority’s management of fisheries resources
  5. achieving government targets in relation to the recovery of the costs of the Authority.

The Fisheries Management Act 1991 also provides that the Minister, AFMA and Joint Authorities are to have regard to the objectives of:

  1. ensuring, through proper conservation and management measures, that the living resources of the AFZ are not endangered by over-exploitation
  2. achieving the optimum utilisation of the living resources of the AFZ

but must ensure, as far as practicable, that measures adopted in pursuit of those objectives must not be inconsistent with the preservation, conservation and protection of all species of whales.