No. Title Description Status
1 Providing for renewal of Fishing Permits online Fishers registered on GoFish are now able to log on and select their permit to be renewed within two weeks of the previous permit expiring. GoFish will automatically assess their applications and grant the relevant concession in real time. Complete
2 Single party registration of leases A lease can now be registered solely by the originating party removing the need for a lessee to be involved in the registration process. With leases making up 75% of all licensing interactions this is a significant simplification. Complete
3 Multi-season registration of leases Fishers can now register a lease online to reoccur for multiple seasons. This saves the need for some fishers to re submit lease applications at the start of each season. Complete
4 Suspending fees for online trading of licences Removes direct charges for AFMA online licensing system and move them to the levy base. Complete
5 Simplified boat nominations Change allows fishers to pool their quota allocations with all the boats in their company. Complete
6 Transitioning Quota Holding Permits to SFRs To lower administration costs to AFMA and industry, AFMA proposes a one-off, one-for-one grant of SFRs for holders of quota permits. In Progress
7 Electronic delivery of correspondence AFMA has streamlining and simplified it current correspondence using existing technologies such as GoFish to deliver tailored correspondence to meet individual’s needs. Complete
8 Removal of direct Scientific Permit application fees AFMA is proposing to remove the direct charges for scientific permits and move them into the levy base. Complete
9 Automatic granting of fishing permits AFMA is proposing to make amendment to allow it to automatically grant people permits without them having to reapply each year. In Progress
10 Improving Levy and Fee for Service arrangements There are a number of efficiencies that can be gained through a suite of changes to the Levy and Fee for Service invoicing and debt recovery arrangements. This project would replace levy and fee for service invoices with a combined statement, spread levy costs over the full year, reduce the maintenance costs for AFMA’s Licensing systems and reduce the financial risks to the organisation. In Progress
11 Providing for new permits to be applied for online Fishers are now able to submit application for new Scientific Permits, Fish Receiver Permits, Carrier Boat Permits, Fishing Permits and Quota Holding Permits through AFMAs online portal GoFish. Complete
12 Providing for fishers to add and remove agents online AFMA is adding the ability for a fisher to add or remove GoFish users as their agent online rather than submit paper based application for AFMA to action. In Progress
13 Provide access to concession conditions online Concession conditions are now available on the AFMA website. Complete
14 Simplifying licensing outputs AFMA reviewed the on boat output from licensing with a view to simplify and update. Following the review AFMA decided to remove the requirement to carry a copy of the concession on board. Closed
15 Simplifying under catch provisions Previously in order to receive under catch an operator was required to hold one SFR of the relevant species in the new season. Occasionally fishers neglect to lease in quota leading to them missing out on an allocation of under catch. It was identified that the need for the 1 SFR clauses was no longer required and as such it has been removed. Complete
16 Reform of the Catch Disposal Records system Commonwealth operators in most fisheries are required to land their catch to the holder of a fish receiver permit. The fish receiver verifies the weights of landed fish and posts completed Catch Disposal forms to AFMA. The completed forms are then manually entered into AFMA’s catch database. The process is time-consuming for operators, fish receivers and AFMA and a review and reform of the system with a view to utilising existing technology infrastructure and reducing the regulatory burden on industry is proposed. In Progress
17 Removal of the requirement to carry concession documents on boats AFMA previously required operators to carry up to date paper copies of fishing concessions on-board boats. This was to allow for copies to be provided to compliance officers from State and Commonwealth agencies when requested. With the advent of remote access to the internet and other technologies now available to compliance officers the requirement was no longer necessary and was removed.
18 Providing for online payments of levies AFMA offers several payment options for concession holders to pay their annual levies, including BPAY, direct deposit, cheque and credit card payments over the phone. Industry has requested the ability to pay their invoices by credit card through GoFish. In Progress