The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) acknowledges that these are challenging and unprecedented times for all of us.  The events that are unfolding in Australia and around the world because of COVID-19 is having a significant impact on every aspect of our daily lives.

The measures in place to keep Australian’s safe from COVID-19 is also having a severe impact on many people, businesses and industries including, our Commonwealth fishers and the broader Australian seafood industry.

In order to keep AFMA in a position to continue delivering our services and supporting our stakeholders, as well as keeping our staff safe, we, like others, are adapting and transitioning the way we work. This has resulted in:

  • all of AFMA’s workforce now working from home, delivering business services and collaborating with industry,
  • suspension of work related travel, and
  • increased video conferences, and delivering and attending meetings virtually where possible.

Whilst these arrangements to our business have changed some of the ways we work, we are still operating and supporting the Commonwealth fishing industry.

Staff are working and contactable by the usual methods and they will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

AFMA will continue to work closely with Commonwealth, State, Territory and International partners in order to deliver our work efficiently and effectively.

Our IT capability enables us to continue to monitor Commonwealth fisheries compliance remotely through:

  • Vessel Monitoring and E monitoring systems
  • Office-based audit of logbook, catch disposal and other data
  • 28 day and end of season over quota reconciliation
  • Monitoring fisheries closures
  • CCTV capabilities in ports where Commonwealth vessels unload

AFMA’s main contact number 1300 723 621 and the CRIMFISH hotline 1800 274 634 are both still operating and are being monitored.

Key Industry updates