10 July 2013
Composite image showing AFMA employees at their training day

Group photo from left: Kylie Tonon, Katie Scutt, Cate Coddington, Clayton McCloud, Karen Dalli, Ryan Keightly, Josh Cahill

Would you know what to do in an emergency on a vessel, or how to survive at sea if you’ve gone overboard? Well, for 12 lucky AFMA staff they now could help save the day!

AFMA staff wanting to board a commercial vessel must complete ‘Elements of Ship Board Safety’ training. So recently we sent 12 more employees to learn about learning safety and emergency procedures on a vessel, how to survive at sea in the event of vessel abandonment and how to fight and extinguish fires on a vessel.

To complete the course successfully, participants had to:

  • obtain a senior First Aid certificate
  • pass a medical fitness test
  • pass swim tests while fully clothed and wearing shoes
  • complete classroom work and assessments
  • fight and extinguish fires using appropriate equipment
  • use a life jacket and deploy a life raft

The trained staff can now gain valuable at-sea experience on commercial vessels to extend their understanding of the day to day operations of Commonwealth commercial fishing vessels, and see the implementation of fisheries management on the water.

For more information please contact: Karen Dalli, A/g Senior Management Officer,  on (02) 6225 5418 or  karen.dalli@afma.gov.au