7 August 2013

Managing Commonwealth fisheries is our passion and in order to ensure that we have the best possible advice to do so we consult with fisheries stakeholders. Often this is through Management Advisory Committees (MACs) and Resource Assessment Groups (RAGs).

MACs provide us with advice on fisheries management arrangements, research, compliance, and management costs while RAGs give us advice on the status of fish stocks, target and non-target species, as well as the broader impact of fishing on the marine environment.

Chairing these committees is often a challenging task, and requires specialised expertise as well as support from dedicated executive officers and active participation from members.

AFMA hosted MAC & RAG workshops on 26 June and 11 July 2013 to outline to the Chairs what’s required of them and how AFMA will support them and other members.

The workshops covered a range of topics but focussed on the important role that RAGs and MACs play in helping AFMA pursue the legislative objectives.

For more information please contact Sally Weekes, A/g Manager, Projects on 02 6225 5341 or email sally.weekes@afma.gov.au.