10 July 2013

Seeing the amount of fish caught to date in Commonwealth fisheries has never been easier thanks to Catchwatch.

Catchwatch reports are produced for the large scale fisheries using data from AFMA’s various data collection programs such as logbooks and catch disposal records. They enable AFMA and stakeholders to monitor the catch of key quota species and are now available on the AFMA website.

The reports show how much of the fishing quota has been caught in a season and can help fishers choose which species of fish they should target toward the end of the season or indicate how expensive quota might be to buy throughout the season.

Have a look at the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery (ETBF) Catchwatch reports.

Have a look at the Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery (SESSF) Catchwatch reports.

More information on annual catch of all fisheries can be found in the ABARES Fishery Status Reports which can be downloaded from the DAFF website.

Fishers are also able to monitor their own catch in AFMA’s on-line business facility GoFish. This facility allows fishers to transfer fishing concessions and quota online, see catch reports, quota balance and transaction records, and make changes very easily.

For more information please call AFMA Direct on 1300 723 621.