5 September 2017

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is seeking applications for the position of Chairperson on the Scallop Management Advisory Committee (ScallopMAC). We are seeking applicants for the next three year term, commencing 1 January 2018 to 30 December 2020.

Please contact Yvonne Zunic on (02) 6225 5432 or email Yvonne.Zunic@afma.gov.au if you require further information on the Management Advisory Committee (MAC) Chair role and the selection process.

More information about MACs and how to apply for a Chair position is provided below.

Management Advisory Committees are statutory bodies that provide AFMA with management advice. They report to the AFMA Commission on policy and operational matters, where relevant,  relating to the management of Commonwealth fisheries, including scientific, research and other information about the status of fish stocks and the impact of fishing on the marine environment. MAC advice is used to inform AFMA’s management decisions and records from past meetings can be found at afma.gov.au.

Who should apply to Chair a MAC?

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • have good national standing, preferably in a field relevant to fisheries
  • be independent of commercial or other interests with the particular fishery, including industry association(s)
  • have a good understanding of industry and public policy
  • be able to identify strategic goals and objectives, and facilitate their achievement through the MAC process
  • have a demonstrated capacity to chair meetings, including a sound understanding of the meeting procedures and practices necessary for the efficient conduct of meetings
  • not be a member of the AFMA Commission.

AFMA’s policy document Fisheries Management Paper 1 (FMP 1) – Management Advisory Committees provides information about the roles of MACs and their members. This document is available at afma.gov.au.

Selection Process

Applications will be assessed by a selection panel against the selection criteria described in the document Fisheries Management Paper 1 (FMP 1) – Management Advisory Committees.

How do I apply to Chair a MAC?

Please submit your curriculum vitae and a brief cover note summarising your relevant experience, qualifications and reason for your application.

How do I submit my application?

Applications need to be submitted to AFMA by close of business Friday 13 October 2017 and can be submitted by post or email:

Post:     Yvonne Zunic

Manager, Research & RAGs/MACs

PO Box 7051