5 March 2018

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has been advised via their airtime provider that Inmarsat will be commencing a transition of satellite C services from their I-3 constellation (which is nearing end of life) to the newer I-4 satellite constellation.

As a result, AFMA has been advised there may be a number of periodic outages to Inmarsat C VMS units while the necessary work is undertaken to prepare migration to the I-4 satellite service.

AFMA understands there may be a risk that older VMS models (for example the Thrane & Thrane 3022 and 3026 models) may encounter problems during the transition. There is a possibility that some older devices may cease to be compatible and require replacement.

AFMA will continue to closely monitor the Commonwealth fleet during this transition to ensure any issues are detected early, and will work with any fishers affected. If you encounter problems or have further questions, please contact the unit manufacturer, a marine technician or the AFMA VMS staff.

We’ll be revising the list of approved systems to include additional units that will be available to Commonwealth fishers. Further updates will be provided on the AFMA website.

Any queries on this matter please phone 02 6225 5542 or email vmsinfo@afma.gov.au.