25 January 2017
Image of cooked scallop in shell

With the best season in 15 years, there has never been a better time to enjoy succulent scallops from the Commonwealth Bass Strait Central Zone Fishery.

Bass Strait scallops are caught commercially in Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria. While they can also be caught in coastal waters, the fishery in central Bass Strait is managed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA).

Image of cooked scallop in shell

Cooked scallop

AFMA’s CEO, Dr James Findlay said that AFMA makes decisions based on the best available science to help ensure that catch remains at sustainable levels.

“With new research completed in early 2016, the total allowable catch was set at its highest level in six years,” Dr Findlay said.

“Moreover, not only do scallops from the Bass Strait taste delicious but strict rules and monitoring of the catch help ensure that seafood lovers can continue to enjoy scallops into the future.

“The good supply this season would not have been possible without AFMA and industry working together with scientists to conduct scallop stock surveys, and importantly, ensure that the stock continues to remain healthy.”

Allan Barnett from Allan Barnett Fishing Co Pty Ltd said that industry recognises that the future of the commercial fishing industry depends on healthy, sustainable fisheries.

“It was a very pleasing and successful season, both for industry and the consumer, and there is every indication that next year should be good as well,” Mr Barnett said.

“This season’s catch yielded healthy scallops throughout the entire 2016 season, so it is not surprising that the domestic market was very strong and demand for exports was high.

“Thanks to monitoring of the stock in recent years, the fishery is in great shape, which is not only good news for us as operators, but for scallop lovers across Australia.”

So whether you enjoy caramelised scallops with a beetroot and walnut salad, or simple seared scallops with garlic butter, if you are eating scallops from the Bass Strait you are supporting an important local industry, and you can have confidence that the product you are eating is sustainably fished.

For more information on how AFMA manages the Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery, visit afma.gov.au.