If AFMA directs a concession holder to carry an observer on a nominated boat, the concession holder must ensure:

that an observer, observer’s safety equipment, and the observer’s monitoring equipment are on board the boat when the boat commences the trip to which the direction applies.
the observer is carried safely on the boat and is provided with adequate food and accommodation while the observer is on board the boat during a trip.
the observer is given assistance by the master and crew members and is given access to all parts of the boat, to the extent reasonably necessary to allow the observer to complete his work duties.
The concession holder as well as the master and crew members of the boat must not interfere with, or obstruct, the observer in the course of collecting data or samples.

When a concession holder’s boat does not meet survey requirements to carry an observer, the concession holder must take steps with the relevant authorities and agencies to rectify this.