Fishwell consulting have been employed to conduct the 2018 Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop fishery survey, below is a report from the first leg.

The first leg of the 2018 survey got underway on 25 May 2018 with two vessels The Del Richey II and the Odete C.

Sea conditions were good and the Odete C surveyed KI-Small and KI-New and reported  (~50kg/tow) good clean catches of scallops of good size in good condition.

The Del Richey II surveyed BlueDot and reported very good size and catch rates, with scallops at 70-75 count and good recovery, although no roe developed. The Del Richey II also surveyed KI-Middle and reported a few old scallops and a lot of dead shell.

Both vessels then joined up to grid and explored the region of 50-60m bank up to SE corner of KI-7.  Despite extensive shots throughout this region, only a smattering of scallops were found – nothing worth commercial fishing or undertaking a formalised survey.

2018 scallop survey first leg plot

An update on the second leg of the survey conducted by The Northern Star and The Rachel Maree will be provided shortly.

The second leg will survey the following areas:

  • Bream oil rig are (AW2)
  • South of the horeshou (AW1)
  • FI-1 bed
  • KI-7
  • Apollo-1
  • Apollo-2
  • KI-6