ScallopRAG and ScallopMAC met on 20 an 21 June respectively to consider the outcomes of the 2018 biomass survey for the Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery.

The ScallopRAG made the following recommendation for the 2018 season which was supported by ScallopMAC:

  • the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) be set at 4000 tonnes TAC
  • and that the following areas be closed to protect spawning biomass
    • Flinders Island (area of 2017 closure) (FI)
    • Apollo Bay 2 (AB-2)
    • King Island 5 Small (KI-5S)
    • Kind Island New (KI-New)
    • King Island Bluedot East (section of Bluedot bed east of 144.92).

The advice provided by ScallopRAG and ScallopMAC will be considered by the AFMA Commission at its meeting on 4 July. Should the AFMA Commission decide to set a TAC for the Fishery, AFMA management expects the fishery could be opened around mid to late-July.

This update provides ScallopRAG and ScallopMAC’s current recommendations. It does not represent the views of the AFMA Commission; the Commission may make decisions that are different to these recommendations.