Please note: the Marine Mammal Working Group was disbanded in June 2015 following the successful implementation of strategies to protect Australian Sea Lions and Dolphins in the Gillnet, Hook and Trap fishery. The Commonwealth Fisheries Marine Mammal Working Group has recently been established to provide advice to AFMA on marine mammal management arrangements for Commonwealth managed fisheries and information on this group can be found in the committees section of the AFMA website.  

The Australian Sea Lion Working Group was developed in 2010 to provide AFMA with specialist advice to assist fisheries managers in the development and of the Australian Sea Lion Management Strategy. The ASL working group met bi-annually for the initial two years post implementation of the ASL strategy to review the effectiveness of management arrangements.

In November 2012, the ASL working group was expanded to include dolphins within its scope. Subsequently, the group was renamed the Marine Mammal Working Group (MMWG). The MMWG meets annually to discuss marine mammal management in the GHAT fishery.

The Marine Mammal Working Group also has a sub-committee (the Dolphin Mitigation Sub-Committee) which was established in 2013 to provide AFMA with specialist advice on dolphin mitigation and assist in the development of the Dolphin Strategy.

Past meetings

2012 MMWG meeting minutes (PDF, 460 KB)

2013 MMWG meeting minutes (PDF, 206 KB)

2014 MMWG meeting minutes (PDF, 204 KB)

2015 MMWG meeting minutes (PDF, 166 KB)