For the period 1 August 2016 to 31 October 2016.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority collects both logbook data (provided by the operator) and observer data (provided by independent AFMA observers). Weights for both logbook and observer data are estimates only and may differ. Accurate weights are determined using scales once the fish are landed on-shore and it is this verified weight that is deducted from the operator’s quota.

Observer data

Game fish species Weight (kg) retained and discarded Number caught
School shark 385 46
Shortfin mako sharks 780 30
Swordfish 150 1
Thresher sharks (Bigeye and common) 6100 45
Yellowfin tuna 40 1
Total 7455 124

Logbook data

Gamefish species Weight (kg) (retained and discarded
School shark 386
Shortfin mako sharks 30*
Swordfish 150
Thresher sharks (mixed) 5940
Yellowfin tuna 40
Total 6516kg and 30 shortfin mako sharks

*Mako sharks (shortfin and longfin) are recorded in logbooks via a Listed Marine and Threatened Species Form, which record the number of animals not species weight.