26 September 2017

Commercial fishing is an important Australian industry and it great to see schools talking about its value to the Australian economy and regional Australia.

As avid AFMA News readers know, AFMA staff regularly visit schools and universities to chat with our future fisheries leaders about Australia’s commercial fisheries management.

As part of Trinity Christian School’s course work on international economic integration and the changing spatial distribution of production and consumption in the commercial fishing industry, two AFMA staff members were recently invited to speak at this Canberra school. They explained to the students how fisheries at national and local levels have changed over time and discussed the impact of global fisheries management on the Australian seafood market.

AFMA staff spoke with year 11 and 12 students undertaking the school’s Global Transformations course.  Topics like the Commonwealth fisheries management system, AFMA’s role internationally and nationally as a fisheries regulator, and emerging trends in sustainable fisheries globally and within Australia were discussed.

Students were keen and enthusiastic to learn about AFMA’s activities in management, compliance, and our level of engagement with stakeholders to help ensure a viable fishing industry.  Given the level of interest AFMA has offered to return to talk with the school’s classes in future.