27 July 2017

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) National Compliance and Enforcement Program (the Program) for 2017-18 has now been released! This year quota evasion, failure to report interactions with threatened, endangered and protected (TEP) species and bycatch mishandling are key target areas of the Program.

Commercial operators are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the revised Program and the consequences of breaching the rules and regulations.

Compliance, enforcement and monitoring are pivotal parts of AFMA’s approach to Commonwealth fisheries management. To ensure AFMA’s resources are targeted effectively a risk based, intelligence driven approach has been applied to the 2017-18 program.

AFMA’s comprehensive monitoring framework of vessel monitoring systems (VMS), electronic monitoring and catch reporting will continue to provide early identification of potential issues and infringements.

To ensure commercial fishers are across the latest compliance information throughout the year we recommend you follow AFMA’s Facebook page and keep an eye on the latest news at afma.gov.au.

Fisheries officers will continue to conduct regular port inspections and provide operators with technical advice and/or support to ensure they understand their legal obligations.

AFMA reviews the National Compliance and Enforcement Program every year.  The program provides Australian seafood consumers with confidence that seafood purchased from a Commonwealth managed fishery is legally and sustainably caught.

Download the 2017-18 National Compliance and Enforcement Program.