23 July 2018
For the second rotation of the 2018 Graduate Program, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) hosts two graduates from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Hear more from Cassie, one of the graduates, as she reveals what inspired her to do a rotation with AFMA.

Cassie, a graduate from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, will be working in AFMA’s Communication Section until October

What is your area of expertise?

My background is in marine science and aquaculture research. During my master’s at Melbourne University, I investigated whether sea urchins from areas where they are overabundant and causing environmental damage could be harnessed by an aquaculture industry for economic and ecological benefit. After my studies, I worked as a research assistant focussing on sea urchin and salmon aquaculture research in Australia and Norway.

What inspired you to apply for a rotation at AFMA?

I applied for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ Graduate Program with the hope of undertaking a rotation at AFMA. So I was incredibly excited when I found out that I was heading here for my second rotation.

I’m really interested in the balance between maintaining the health of both the marine environment and the economy. As AFMA plays such an important role in managing the sustainability of our fish resources while also considering the economic, social and environmental impacts of each management decision, I felt that working here would give me great insight into the balance between these factors.

What will you be working on?

I am working in the Communications Section and will be doing a little bit of everything to get as much experience as possible. In particular, I will be creating content for the AFMA website and social media page, writing media releases, conducting media interviews, and learning how to produce videos and create image databases.

What are you most looking forward to during your rotation at AFMA?

I am excited to get a broad understanding of the diverse work that AFMA staff undertake – from managing fisheries and bycatch, to illegal fishing and catch limits. Coming from a science background, media and communications is also relatively new to me so I look forward to learning a whole array of new skills. Most of all, I am excited to work in an area that I’m really passionate about!