23 July 2019

The 2019 tiger prawn season officially opens on 1 August 2019 in the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF).

To ensure all operators are up to date with the NPF requirements the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) will be attending key ports to conduct pre-season briefings in late July.

Operators are encouraged to attend the briefings with AFMA Fisheries Officers, Management Staff, and representatives from the Northern Prawn Fishery Industry.

Pre-season briefings will be conducted at the following locations:

Port Date and Time Location 
Cairns Wednesday 24 July (9:30am)

Cairns - Austral Fisheries Office

Shed 4, Dutton Street

Darwin Friday 26 July (8.30am)

Darwin - NT Seafood Council

Level 1, Darwin Shipstores Building,

Fisherman's Wharf

Karumba Sunday 28 July (9.30am)

Fisherman's Wharf

Karumba - Raptis Office

Operators are reminded of the following:

  • floats must be attached to the top one-half of all TEDs with bottom escape openings
  • the grid must be at an angle between 30 and 55 degrees, and
  • the double cover flap overlap must not exceed 38 cm.

AFMA and NOAA Fisheries Officers will be inspecting NPF vessels and providing advice on mandatory turtle exclusion devices (TEDs) and bycatch reduction devices, to ensure they comply with regulations and USA export accreditation can be renewed.

The pre-season briefing will also provide operators and fleet managers with an opportunity to talk to representatives from the NPFI, AFMA Fisheries Officers, and CSIRO scientists, about the upcoming season.

The NPFI will discuss the historic catch rates, bycatch mitigation, and gear changes for the season. Scientists from CSIRO will provide an update on the latest research for the fishery.

AFMA Fisheries Officers will provide an update on the changes to the NPF Directions and Closures 2019, vessel monitoring system requirements, and logbook and reporting obligations. 

The NPF is one of Australia’s most valuable fisheries and knowing and following the rules and regulations will ensure the future sustainability of the fishery.

For more information on the briefing sessions, please contact:

Adrianne Laird
Projects Manager
NPF Industry Pty Ltd
M: 0409 237 024
Email: adrianne [at] npfindustry.com.au