Dr James Findlay
16 November 2018

With a career spanning more than twenty years in fisheries and resource management, aquaculture and marine science, Dr James Findlay will farewell Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) in the coming week and take up the role of Director at Parks Australia.

James first joined AFMA in 1999 as a Fisheries Manager and over the next twenty years worked in both the Department of Agriculture and at AFMA, in roles as a principal research scientist, program manager, general manager and executive manager.

For the past eight years James has been AFMA’s CEO, where he’s been responsible for the management of Commonwealth fish resources most often at the political-operational interface.

This has often been a challenging role but he always worked closely with fishery stakeholders, especially the Commonwealth commercial fishing industry, in making changes that while not always popular were always necessary. New legislation, new technology and new relationships are all part of James’ impact on fisheries management.

His knowledge of Australian marine science, resource and fisheries management, and a desire to see Commonwealth commercial fisheries highly regarded by all stakeholders, underpinned how he approached many issues.

He leaves the agency in great shape, having achieved five consecutive years where all fisheries solely managed by AFMA have not been subject to over fishing. This achievement has set Australia apart internationally.

Through his leadership AFMA has worked collaboratively across Commonwealth and State agencies, and internationally, the latter resulting in the number of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing boats entering Australia’s waters continuing at record low levels.

The AFMA Commission has also welcomed James’ appointment to Parks Australia and thanked him for his years of dedication, his incisive contributions as a fellow Commissioner and outstanding leadership of the agency.

James will be greatly missed by staff at AFMA, and they all wish him well in his new role.  His last day at AFMA will be Friday 23 November 2018.