2 October 2018

Fisheries Officers from the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) will be conducting inspections of Commonwealth endorsed operators in an effort to ensure compliance with fisheries rules and regulations.

Commonwealth boat fishing operators are reminded of their obligation to record all discards (quota and non-quota).

Accurate reporting of discarded catch (any part of the catch, which is returned to the sea, alive or dead), is important to protect fish stocks and the broader marine environment.

The recording instructions and details can be found in your logbooks, including:

  • the number of fish discarded
  • the reason for discarding using the discard codes, and
  • the discard weight.

Any operators identified as not complying with their obligations will be treated seriously and investigated by AFMA.  Any breach of conditions, which is an offence under the Fisheries Management Act 1991, may result in compliance action being taken which may include an infringement notice, suspension or cancellation of the concession, and/or prosecution