28 November 2018

The AFMA Research Committee (ARC) takes a leading role in determining research priorities and assessing proposals for funding by AFMA each year.  As part of its 2019 funding round, the ARC is making its annual public call for applications to address research priorities identified for potential AFMA funding in 2019-20.

The ARC met on 9 October 2018 to consider fishery-specific research priorities identified by individual fisheries Resource Assessment Groups (RAGs) and Management Advisory Committees (MACs). A single process replaced the current two staged assessment process last financial year, whereby the ARC only considers full proposals and endorses the final budget at its 13 February 2019 meeting.  The revised process ensures final ARC endorsement of AFMA’s research budget for 2019/20 occurs within AFMA’s budget timeframe.

Applicants should use the fishery-specific project scopes provided as a guide when developing their full proposals to meet the identified need for the project.

To assist in the quality control and to ensure that the proposal is relevant to identified research priorities, applicants are invited to discuss their applications with the AFMA Research Section and the relevant fisheries manager prior to submitting a proposal.

The AFMA Research Section can be contacted on 02 6225 5432 or 6225 5357 or by emailing research.secretary [at] afma.gov.au.

Please note that the research proposal must be submitted to the AFMA Research Section by 7 January 2019. 

AFMA will seek RAG and MAC comments on full proposals in February 2018 before consideration by the ARC at its 13 February 2019 meeting when proposals will be assessed.  Applicants will be advised in late February 2019, following the ARC’s evaluation of full proposals, whether their proposals have been selected.

Key information for applicants when completing and submitting full proposals

When completing and submitting proposals, applicants must:

  • use the project scopes outlined below as a guide when developing their full proposals to meet the identified need for the project
  • use the ARC application form to prepare their proposals
  • include in their proposals:
    • the projected costs and expected funding source, as well as alternatives; and
    • the proposed contractor’s full legal identity/description, including each corporation’s full description and Australian Company Number or the full names of all partners/joint venturers. A trading name and/or Australian Business Number should also be notified, but only if registered to the parties described.
  • email their completed full proposal to the Research Section at   by  7 January 2019.  

Find research project scopes on  AFMA Research Committee 2019-20 Project Scopes page.