Nick Rayns
30 October 2018

Dr Nick Rayns the Executive Manager of Fisheries at the Australian Fisheries Management Authority AFMA, will soon be retiring from the agency and the public service, before embarking on personal and family adventures. 

After a lifetime working in fisheries and resource management, AFMA’s Executive Manager of the Fisheries Management Branch, Nick will retire early next year.

He’s been involved in fisheries management and research for more than 20 years.  He holds a PhD from Otago University in New Zealand and has held senior fisheries roles in the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Australian Governments. 

Nick spent three years as a Non-Executive Director of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and more than two years delivering major grants programs supporting water reform in the Murray-Darling Basin. 

For the past 10 years he’s been in Canberra at AFMA, responsible for fisheries management, research, licensing, monitoring, economics, policy and environmental matters. Back in the 1990s he managed the South East Trawl, Southern Bluefin Tuna and Tropical Tuna Fisheries.

Nick’s contribution to Australia’s marine environment and the fisheries and communities it supports has been considerable, working across State and Commonwealth agencies. As a scientist and natural resource manager, Nick has made a real and tangible contribution in securing Australia’s fishing future.

Nick’s official last day isn’t until early 2019 but he is planning to take some very well earned leave ahead of that time so his last day in the office is Friday 30 November.

AFMA thanks him for his contribution and hard work over 16 years.