10 July 2013

tiger prawn in water

Good news, everyone! Tiger Prawn stocks are looking great.

Recent surveys have shown that Tiger Prawn stocks are at or above their target levels and not being overfished. The future outlook is also good with high recruitment and catches predicted.

Such good results means that the catch target levels are working to ensure that prawns are being caught in a sustainable way while achieving high economic returns for fishers and ensuring a healthy supply of delicious Tiger Prawns for consumers.

The Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF) undertakes two research surveys each year. Information collected on these surveys helps the NPF industry and AFMA to better understand how prawn stocks are tracking, and what sort of fishing season is expected for the coming year.

The results from these surveys feed into stock health assessments which are conducted by fishery scientists who provide advice on the size of the stocks and the way the fishery is performing.

These are great results and the Australian community can be assured that the Northern Prawn Fishery produces quality prawns that come from a sustainably managed wild capture fishery.

For more information, please contact Fiona Hill, Manager Northern Prawn, Torres Strait Prawn and Western Trawl Fisheries, (02) 6225 5371 or email fiona.hill@afma.gov.au.