8 May 2017

Public comment is closed.

Public comment is now open on a new Ecological Risk Management (ERM) policy designed to assist decision makers in developing fisheries policy, regulations and management arrangements.

Submissions can be made at afma.gov.au and will close on 2 June 2017.

View the Ecological Risk Management policy.

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The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) takes an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management to minimise the impacts of commercial fisheries on all aspects of the marine environment.

The ERM policy framework uses Ecological Risk Assessment for the Effects of Fishing (ERAEF) as the primary means of assessing the risks that fisheries may pose to the marine environment. AFMA’s fisheries management strategies will integrate ecological risk assessments with management responses and arrangements. Ecological risk assessments and fisheries management strategies will be reviewed every five years.

An ERM Guide has been produced to assist AFMA fishery managers to implement ERAEF in a consistent and transparent manner. The Guide outlines the process by which fishery managers can plan, implement, monitor and review fisheries to ensure they are being managing in an ecologically sustainable way.

Decisions on Commonwealth fisheries management are made using the best available science and other evidence. The Ecological Risk Management Policy, and accompanying ERM Guide, provides a science and evidence based structure for managing the impact of fishing on the marine environment.

The AFMA Commission will consider public submissions on the Ecological Risk Management Policy when deciding whether or not to approve the policy.

For more information about how AFMA manages its fisheries based on science and evidence, please visit afma.gov.au.