7 August 2013

prawn spawn survey

The second pre-season prawn spawning surveys have just been completed in the Northern Prawn Fishery. We do these surveys to find out how many spawning tiger prawns are in the region and estimate how many prawns will be available to sustainably catch in the coming season. An example of the results from the survey is pictured in this post. These ‘bubble plots’ are an output of the data collection and are used to gauge prawn densities in areas of the fishery.

The first pre-season spawn survey was completed at the start of 2013 and gave us an overview of the stock levels for the main commercial prawn species; tiger, banana, and endeavour prawns.

Complete survey data is available for download via our website. 

For more information, please contact Fiona Hill, Manager Northern Prawn, Torres Strait Prawn and Western Trawl Fisheries, 02 6225 5371 or email fiona.hill@afma.gov.au.