29 October 2015

As part of our red tape reduction agenda AFMA is proposing to amend the Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery Management Plan 2003.

The amendment would primarily enable the granting of Statutory Fishing Rights to owners of Individual Transferable Quota units on a one-for-one basis and simplify undercatch provisions by removing the requirement to hold one quota unit on the relevant date in order to be eligible for undercatch. The proposed amendment would also update the scientific names of several species and remove redundant provisions relating to historic season dates.

View the draft plan and accompanying explanatory statement.

Comments are due by 14 December 2015.

Send your comments in writing to LicensingPolicy@afma.gov.au or via post to:

Manager Licensing Policy
PO Box 7051

Any questions, contact Andrew Powell, Manager Licensing Policy on 02 6225 5561 or LicensingPolicy@afma.gov.au