4 December 2014

To help commercial fishers identify the seabirds often seen in the fishing grounds off south east Australia AFMA has developed a seabird ID guide, which was funded by Caring for our Country. The guide includes seabirds such as albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters as well as life size pictures of seabird bills that can be printed and used on-board boats to help identify seabird species.

As scavengers, seabirds are attracted to fishing boats—particularly when bycatch and offal is discarded—which brings them into harm’s way. AFMA in collaboration with industry and seabird experts have developed measures, that reduce the number of seabirds injured or killed by fishing gear, which industry are using.

Seabirds are a protected species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. More information about protected species, including seabirds, and requirements about reporting interactions with them to AFMA can be found on our protected species page.

View the Seabird ID Guide ebooklet

Download a printable version of the Seabird ID Guide (PDF, 4.29 MB)

Seabird Bill Guide (PDF, 310 KB)

For a waterproof copy of the life size seabird bill guide, we suggest downloading the guide and having it printed and laminated at your local print shop.

Please note: the colours on the bills are an indication of adult colour only; the colours of juvenile birds can be very different.