20 February 2015
NOTE: The time to provide comment has now closed.

Consultation closed 30 April 2015.

AFMA is looking at collecting price information on transferred and leased statutory fishing rights (SFRs).

There are different types of SFRs that enables different types of access.  For example, quota or gear SFRs entitle the holder to a share or percentage of the total allowable catch or total allowable effort allowed in that fishery, while boat SFRs permit certain boats to operate in a designated fishery.

SFRs can be freely sold or leased, but these dealings have to be recorded in a public register held by AFMA.

Collecting the price of quota and gear SFRs will give AFMA a better appreciation of how its decisions impact on the market for SFRs.  This allows AFMA to reduce the regulatory burden it has on fishing business through better decision making.

For an overview of the proposed changes see the FAQs below.

AFMA has written to concession holders asking for comment on the proposal.

Download a copy of the SFR price data collection discussion paper (PDF, 300KB).

AFMA is currently seeking public comment on the proposal. Email any comments to quotapricecollection@afma.gov.au by 5pm 30 April 2015.

For more information, please contact Beth Gibson, Senior Manager Policy Environment Economics and Research on (02) 6225 5305 or email beth.gibson@afma.gov.au.


How can providing SFR prices benefit commercial fishing?

The collection of quota and gear SFR prices will help AFMA determine impacts that fisheries management decisions influence the market for SFRs.  AFMA can then minimise the unintended regulatory impacts its fisheries management decisions have on these markets.  For example, some decisions might change quota or gear SFR values and AFMA needs to be aware of this.

How AFMA intends to record SFR prices?

AFMA intends to add required fields into the SFR register.

For all quota and gear SFR transfers (leases and sales) a sale price and estimated value, in Australian dollars and by SFR type is needed.

This is the lowest cost method of recording SFR prices, and will not impact on levies.

How will AFMA keep your information confidential?

AFMA will treat this data in the same way as it treats other commercial-in-confidence information.

Will adding the additional field place a burden on commercial fishing?

Collection of SFR prices imposes a minimal administrative burden. Those who are transferring SFRs should already know the price and estimated value of the SFRs.

Will AFMA attempt to interfere with SFR markets?

AFMA has no intention of interfering with the SFR market or individual transactions.