AFMA has developed protected species management strategies and commercial fish species rebuilding strategies where concerns have been identified about the impact of commercial fishing on their sustainability.

AFMA has developed protected species management strategies for Australian sea lions, dolphins and upper slope dogfish which outline management arrangements to minimise the impact of fishing on these species. The strategies involve unique management arrangements tailored to reducing interactions with each species. Arrangements can include things such as area closures, gear restrictions, monitoring requirements or trigger limits.

Commonwealth longline fisheries are also covered by the Seabird threat abatement plan.

Any commercial fish stock with a biomass level assessed as being below its ‘limit reference point’  is required to be placed under a stock rebuilding strategy under the Commonwealth Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy and Guidelines.

Commercial fish species under a stock rebuilding strategy are not targeted and are only taken incidentally when fishers are targeting other species.

AFMA develops stock rebuilding strategies in consultation with the fishing industry, the Department of the Environment, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the relevant management advisory committee and resource assessment group.

These rebuilding strategies are reviewed every five years to monitor the progress of rebuilding and ensure the continued effectiveness of management arrangements which have been implemented.

Current rebuilding strategies: