5 January 2014
Squid boat at port

Squid boat at port, AFMA

They mightn’t seem like much but the humble squid is hard to beat in terms of sustainability. That’s why for the 2014 fishing season, the total allowable effort for the Southern Squid Jig Fishery will remain the same as this year at 550 standard squid jigging machines.

It’s all down to the Gould’s squid (Nototodarus gouldi) short lifespan, prolific breeding, and its speedy growth. The recent ABARES Fishery Status Report shows that Gould’s squid is a sustainable choice for your dinner plate.

When we set an effort limit we seek advice from the experts, in this case it was the Squid Resource Assessment Group and South East Management Advisory Committee.  The AFMA Commission then decides on the best course of action for the fishery based on that advice.

Recent catches have met harvest strategy requirements so the Commission decided that the effort limit should stay the same for the 2014 season. The Commission also agreed to allow 10 standard squid jigging machines to be issued under scientific permits if required.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get some sustainable Aussie squid for dinner tonight. We even have a delicious recipe for you below.

For more information, please contact David Power, Manager, Gillnet, Hook and Trap Fishery and Squid Fishery, on 02 6225 5475 or david.power@afma.gov.au.