11 August 2017

What do Commonwealth fisheries management, the mobile phone, and air travel all have in common? Through continuous innovation and science based decisions all have dramatically changed for the better over the last thirty years.

With National Science Week starting tomorrow, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is encouraging seafood lovers to recognise the importance of science in having a healthy supply of Australian caught seafood on their tables.

AFMA’s CEO, Dr James Findlay, said that Commonwealth fisheries management decisions are made taking into account the latest available science.

“AFMA uses a multitude of scientific and research based activities to effectively manage and ensure sustainability of Commonwealth fisheries,” Dr Findlay said.

“This includes science-based ecological risk assessments to understand the effects of fishing on the marine environment and responding to these by taking management actions, such as setting catch and fishing effort limits for commercial species and using harvest strategies to maintain commercial fish stocks at environmentally sustainable levels.

“AFMA also uses research, such as close-kin genetics to help measure the size of stocks like southern bluefin tuna and school shark so we can better manage them.

“In addition, we are looking to the latest in science and research to help us understand the impacts of climate effects on fish abundance and distribution over the coming decades.  This will enable the fishing industry to be better placed to adapt to future environmental changes.

“The success of AFMA’s science based management is evident with research by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences reporting that for three consecutive years no fishery solely managed by AFMA was subject to overfishing.”

Stay tuned to AFMA’s Facebook page to see our National Science Week celebrations.

For more information on Australia’s fisheries management, visit afma.gov.au.