10 July 2013

The Tropical Tuna Management Advisory Committee (TTMAC) met at the Sydney Fish Markets on 5 June and members were treated to a guided tour before the meeting, which included an opportunity to watch a fish auction.

The TTMAC then considered advice from the Tropical Tuna Resource Assessment Group that Australia’s share of the tuna catch from the Coral Sea region had declined to less than 20% of the total catch and under these conditions, an Australian only Harvest Strategy could not manage the stock. To address this issue, the Resource Assessment Group will collect stock status information for the entire Coral Sea region and this will be discussed at the next TTMAC meeting.

The TTMAC also noted that the new cost recovery arrangements for logbooks should increase the uptake of electronic logbooks. The MAC also recommended new conditions to improve the sustainability of purse-seining and longlining in the Indian Ocean.

The TTMAC was formed in July 2009 and is the advisory body for the Eastern Tuna and Billfish, Western Tuna and Billfish and Skipjack Tuna fisheries.

For more information please contact Trent Timmiss, Senior Manager, Tuna and International Fisheries on (02) 6225 5313 or email trent.timmis@afma.gov.au.